Childrens Body Mass Index

The body mass index for children can be checked from the time they are just a few years old so that their health can be kept under check and they do not grow up to be obese adults with health problems. Use the free BMI calculator now!

The reasons for checking the body mass index of children, is the same as it is for adults. That is for overweight and underweight, obesity, healthy weight and fat content. However, as far as children go the final verdict would have to come from a health care provider or pediatrician.

Further assessments would have to be conducted like the thickness of the skin folds, the family history of the child, the amount of physical activity the child indulges in and the eating habits of the child.

The body index mass for children and teenagers varies as the age related factors are different and the body of a child changes quite a bit in structure when they become teenagers. The BMI calculator until the age of 20 is an age related one unlike what it is for adults. It is also according to the sex of the child and teenager as the amount of body fat in girls and boys differs.

Obese children can also end up with a lot of health problems just like adults. Starting with social discrimination because of their size and mental trauma that this brings about, they could also have other problems of obesity like sleep apnea, asthma, type II diabetes, and heart disease because of high cholesterol and hypertension.