How can I lower my BMI?

Your BMI (body mass index) is an indicator of how you rate in terms of having a healthy body weight. If you want to lower your BMI, you will want to focus on a combination of healthy eating and exercise.

If you are mainly concerned about your BMI, and not about your fat to muscle ratio in your body, then you will want to focus on your eating habits and exercises that help you lose fat without increasing your muscle mass.

Be sure to read up on weight loss tips and then use our free BMI calculator to track your progress!

What to Eat to Lower BMI

As you can imagine, pretty much any healthy diet is going to help you to lose weight, which in turn will lower your BMI. You may, however, also want to increase your fiber intake, which will help regulate your bodies systems. This will actually give you more energy and can increase your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), which will in fact help you to achieve your goals faster.

In addition, more than what you eat is how you eat. For years dietitians have been recommending that people eat four to five small meals a day rather than three large meals in a day. Interestingly, this actually helps to reduce cravings and you eat less. If you eat five small meals that are high in fiber you are going to feel full faster and stay full longer as fiber makes you feel full.

If you are a boredom-inspired eater, or an emotional eater, then you should either keep a very healthy snack on hand or try retraining yourself to turn to something else to fill that void. You can chew gum, call a support buddy, create a project that becomes your focus during this time and so on. It is important that you overcome eating at undesignated times. If you truly feel hungry and it isn’t meal time, drink a larger glass of water, this will help fill your stomach for a time and possibly help get you over the hump.

Exercising to Lower BMI

This is the trickiest part of lowering your BMI. Many people do the wrong kind of exercising in an effort to lower their BMI. The wrong kind of exercising? Yes, if your main focus is to lower your BMI then you want to avoid exercises that build body mass (anaerobic) and focus on exercises that are useful for losing fat (aerobic).

It is important to note right now that there is nothing wrong with anaerobic exercises, they are excellent for the body, help your body to produce energy and keep your body healthy. Anaerobic exercises, however, will, over time, prevent your BMI from being as low as you would like. The reason for this is that anaerobic exercise converts fat into muscle rather than helping you to lose fat. Technically you have lost the fat, but it is being replaced with something else. Weightlifting is an anaerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise, on the other hand, is designed to help you lose fat, not build muscle. With any type of exercise you are going to build a certain amount of muscle, however, aerobic exercise will only develop a small amount of muscles. In other words, you won’t bulk up. Aerobic exercise is any exercise that works to increase your heart rate (cardiovascular exercise). Running, dancing, swimming, rowing, step climbing, etc. are all exercises that fall under the category of aerobic exercise.

Most personal trainers and even doctors recommend a combination of exercises to stay healthy. Initially, however, you may find that aerobic exercise helps you to keep on track because you are seeing weight loss. If you are extremely overweight you should speak to your doctor before you start any type of exercise so that you don’t injure yourself or create other health issues.

You should understand that having a high BMI rate does not necessarily mean you are overweight if you are heavily muscled. While this certainly won’t apply to everyone, BMI calculators can’t take into effect your muscle mass and doesn’t help to determine your muscle mass. If you are muscle bound, you are simply going to weigh more; muscle weighs more than fat. To this effect, BMI is merely on indicator of overall good health.

Using a BMI Calculator

To determine your BMI all you need to do is enter your weight and height into our free BMI calculator. We will apply the nationally accepted formula and show you what your results mean. This is a fast and easy method for determining your BMI and starting you on the path to a healthy body.

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