Low Body Mass Index

Those who have a low body mass index (low BMI) do not have the fear of suffering from cardiovascular diseases or type II diabetes. However, this could also be a cause for concern as the person could be under nourished, anorexic and feel fatigued and tired most of the time. The person with a low body index mass is usually under weight and can suffer from problems like osteoporosis and under nourishment as well as have an eating disorder which needs to be corrected. Use the BMI calculator to calculate your BMI today to see where you stand.

When the BMI is either on the high side or the low side, there are bound to be other health related problems. For those whose BMI is in the normal range a sudden spurt in weight gain or loss is also a matter of concern. Women are healthy when they carry a certain amount of fat because if their BMI is too low they can have amenorrhea which interferes with their fertility and also their mental and physical health. If the food intake is balanced and the BMI is low then you should consult your doctor to see what the problem could be.

Such persons who have a low BMI rate should also see a nutritionist to find out why the food is not getting assimilated in their system and whether they should add something to their diet. Sometimes there could be a digestive problem which is not allowing the body to absorb the food that they eat properly and this is a cause for worry and should be seen to and rectified.