Overweight Treatment

Being overweight is a hindrance in your daily activities and can cause set backs in your health. People who are overweight tire easily and get breathless as they are unable to mange this excess weight and move around. They are also open to getting cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes, and many other diseases related to being overweight.

Instead of going through life with this extra “burden” it is much better to find a solution and see why you have gained this extra weight and try to knock it off soon. Use our free BMI calculator to find out what your Body Mass Index is and if you are overweight.

There could be health problems which make a person gain weight, like a thyroid problem, so it would be better to have a health check done first and eliminate reasons which may not be just over eating. Once this has been deciphered then a weight reduction regime should be undertaken.

The first thing to change is one’s life style and eating habits. Reduce the amount of calories consumed on a daily basis and include some exercise like aerobics, walking, swimming or even dancing. Burn up more calories with exercise than you are consuming and this will definitely help in reducing the weight. In eating habits it is better to cut down the fats to the bare minimum and avoid processed foods and sweets. Instead have more proteins, fruits and vegetables and whole grain products.

Switch to low fat meats and dairy products and have a fruit instead of a creamy dessert. Keep snacks which are healthy in your fridge like carrots, cucumbers and fruits, and do not buy stuff that will prove to a temptation. Calculate your BMI with our free BMI calculator today!