Sports, Exercise, and Fitness

Sports, exercise, and fitness routines ensure that the player has a wide range of motion to perform motor skills easily with poise and consistency. The player also gets the agility needed to change direction and speed quickly on the sports arena.


One of the major sports exercise and fitness routine elements is stretching. Stretches may be done to warm up the body. These stretches are held for a short period of time. There are other stretch exercises aimed at giving flexibility to your body and increasing the range of motion of the joints. Stretching exercises are very important in sports like soccer and basketball. Each stretch should be held for 20-30 seconds and repeated twice.

There are stretch exercises for all major muscle groups. The two leg hamstring stretch and hamstring split stretch help to run, jump and move properly. Back stretches also facilitate movement. Calf stretches protect the shins. Groin stretches save you from painful strains. There are standing and sitting groin stretches. Shoulder and arm stretches must be done carefully to loosen muscles.

Strength and Endurance Training

This sports exercise and fitness routine component is essential for all games especially soccer, baseball and basketball. They make the player physically very powerful and also protect him from injuries, especially arm injuries. Medicine balls train your muscles to work in co-ordination with each other. Weightlifting exercises may be performed using different training tools like kettle bells, surgical tubes, free weights and body weight.

It is better to use heavy weights while training the lower body. The upper body must be trained with lighter weights to avoid injury. Special attention must be paid in training the hips, back and the buttocks. Do not do any overhead lifts with heavy weights to prevent injuries. Squats, leg press and dead lift are ideal for the lower body. Kettle bells can be used to train the lower body. Single leg squats should be performed. Body weight exercises like lunges at varied angles, pushups, rows and chin-ups must be practiced especially for baseball.

Arm Exercises

These are important especially in baseball. Use surgical tubing to exercise your rotator cuffs. Push ups are also great for strengthening the rotator cuffs, arm muscles and even your chest. They are better than bench presses which if attempted should be done only with dumbbells with a spotter.

These sports exercise and fitness tips have to be performed in moderation to make your body flexible and condition it completely for the sport you play.

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