Tips to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Tips to lose weight have always included adhering to fad diets like grape juice diet and low carb-fat-calorie diets. These are so difficult to follow that you give them up midway. Here are some ways to lose weight without dieting (and then be sure to use our BMI calculator to see exactly where you stack up right now).

Eat real food and salads

The most important of all tips to lose weight without dieting is eating more of fruits, vegetables and salads as they have nutritional value and low calorie content as well. Stick to healthy salads like chicken salad, French salad, Italian and tuna salad when you lunch out in a restaurant instead of opting for ones with junk dressings.

Reduce starch intake

It’s not carbohydrates that cause weight gain. Starch is the real culprit. Consume more of non starch junk foods like frozen yoghurts, sweets, chocolate, custard and ice cream. Replace starch rich food like cakes, biscuits, cookies, muffins, pastas, pizzas and bread with burgers without buns and fried chicken. Starch food should be restricted to dinner meals.

Regulating intake of junk food

One of the most effective tips to lose weight without dieting is to eat junk foods only at dinner time if necessary. If you start off with junk foods first thing in the morning chances are that you will eat them the whole day. It is also a good idea to exercise before intake of junk food. Workouts stir up your body metabolism so that the extra calories of junk food consumed subsequently will be quickly burned off. Hard exercise also helps reduce appetite. Fruits, nuts and yoghurt are better snacks than junk food.

Avoid calorie rich drinks and meal replacement drinks

Instead of drinking calorie rich sugary and frizzy drinks and fruit juices you should drink more of tea, water and coffee. Do not replace solid meals with meal replacement shakes. These drinks slow down your body’s metabolism rates because the body requires less energy to break down liquids than solid food. Hence lesser calories will be burned to produce energy.

Change eating habits

Don’t eat in front of the television or computer as you will eat a lot. Eat with family, friends and coworkers. Eat small quantities of food at a time, slowly, putting your fork down between bites to reduce overall food intake. Use plates, utensils and cups of small sizes. Use real sugar-not chemical substitutes.

These tips to lose weight without dieting focus on moderation and eating quality foods. They have been found to be very effective for causing permanent weight loss.