Underweight Treatment

Though being underweight is by far more preferable to being obese, there are health problems related to being thin too. The reason for being thin should be ascertained to see if the person is suffering with a digestive problem or a disease which is degenerative. Once this is diagnosed then treatment and remedies for bringing the weight up could be started.

The disadvantages of being underweight are that the person may have a low immunity and be easily prone to health problems and infections because the body does not have the capacity to fight back; they could have a thyroid problem; be anorexic; the food intake may not be sufficient and the nutrition low and also some illnesses could cause this problem which would have to be treated first.

Once other health problems have been eliminated the food habits of the person would have to be changed. They need to have more calories but this should not be with the wrong kind of foods instead with more nutritious foods which will give them both calories and nutrients.

If such people are unable to eat more at each sitting, they should have more number of frequent meals in a day. Physical activity will help in building up their stamina and muscle mass and this will increase the appetite and also improve the circulation. An increase in protein intake and vitamins and minerals will also be beneficial for those who are underweight.

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