What is my BMI?

Your BMI is your body mass index and is a very easy number to find. It requires minimal information from you: your gender, your weight and your height. With that information the BMI Calculator on our home page can give you your personal Body Mass Index instantly.

BMI is used by doctors, weight loss specialist and trainers in order to determine whether or not you are at a healthy weight. Because it factors in both your height and weight, it is a much more accurate number than your weight only.

Those who are familiar with the use of the BMI will often make recommendations to you based on your number. They may suggest that you need to gain weight, remain stable or quite often lose weight for optimal health.

The Importance of Knowing Your Own BMI

Knowing your own BMI is very important because it essentially tells you whether or not you are at a healthy weight. You can easily monitor your own health risks by keeping tabs on your BMI. In fact, by learning your BMI, you can determine whether or not you need to seek further help in getting to the ideal weight.

The body mass index indicates how much fat is in your body based on your height and weight. This knowledge can tell you whether you are at risk for a variety of conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular conditions or even certain cancers. Elevated BMI levels mean you are at risk of numerous health problems.

Your BMI actually calculates a number based on your height and weight and then gives it in a percentage form. The percentage will tell you if you are within a healthy weight range, are underweight, normal, overweight or even obese, by finding the number on a BMI table. If your BMI is between 18.5 and 25, you are considered healthy. Lower BMI numbers are considered underweight. From 26 to 30, your BMI indicates that you are overweight. A BMI higher than 30 indicates obesity, a very serious risk factor for multiple health conditions.

When you are more aware of the health risks that face you, it is more likely that you will actually make the necessary changes in order to reduce those risks. Many people are prompted to make healthier choices and reduce their weight accordingly when they learn that they fall into the overweight, moderately obese or even severely obese categories. It is quite easy to ignore weight gain until it is evaluated, labeled and risk factors outlined.

Your BMI is much more than just a number your doctor or trainer looks at. You also need to understand the importance of your BMI in your overall health. Even if you think your weight is not too bad, a closer look at it by finding your BMI number may reveal risks you never thought you were facing.

The Importance of Checking Your BMI Periodically

Any time you find that your weight has fluctuated, you should take the time to run your new numbers through a BMI calculator again to find out exactly what your new BMI is. Even a small weight gain from holiday snacking or a reduction in physical activity can mean that you have taken yourself from one a healthy level to an unhealthier one.

By periodically checking your BMI, you can stay on top of your health and get the necessary prompting to get back on track. By increasing your activity level and changing your eating habits, you can effectively take control of your weight and as a consequence, your BMI. By watching out for the sugars and fats in your diet in order to lose weight, you can get back to the health level you previously enjoyed. With regular BMI monitoring you can make sure you spot weight problems early and get back on track before the problem gets out of control.

Check Your BMI Today

You can check your body mass index easily by using our free online BMI calculator. You simply need to input three things. Select your gender first and then input your height and weight to get that all important number right away. Along with your BMI percentage you will be told what category you fall into: underweight, healthy weight, overweight, moderately obese or severely obese. The calculator even gives advice, such as what weight you would need to attain for a healthier BMI.

Find out your very own BMI today by clicking on the BMI calculator. Follow the simple 1,2,3, steps and you will instantaneously have your BMI.